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Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Food Industry and Environmental Protection

The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences , Food Industry and Environmental Protection intends to join the European requirements and standards through training of specialists able to adapt the advanced scientific and technological values . Set in a city with ancient cultural traditions and important historical sites continue grinding climate of normality and human and spiritual values , giving a special dimension of scientific knowledge . It continues a tradition of over 50 years of Romanian higher education in food and over 100 years of agricultural higher education .

Through its team of teachers , students , masters and doctoral students managed to maintain continuous faculty ranked first in the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu in terms of scientific research and to attract European funds prerequisite for effective education ripe at European space which relates to higher education.

Currently priority activities, such as providing an atmosphere which promotes creative and innovative character of Romanian higher education and the agricultural food industry by promoting scientific research, teaching and scientific research priorities for increased integration in the international scientific community and European . In this context emerged , developed and took shape current study programs , which enjoys a great interest from the students in undergraduate courses , master 's and doctoral already exists a normal state , a beneficial partnership between school and production.