Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu

To open a school is not a minor event, because education means enlightenment. It means approaching new horizons and shaping young destinies. It means changing the future by molding the minds of young people. But to have had a school opened already in 1380 is a landmark in the history of a city. And it was the city of Sibiu which saw the opening of this school.

Center for Conflict Prevention and Early Warning

Center for Conflict Prevention and Early Warning is a non-governmental and non- profit organization, which has as main target research in the field of international relations, conflict prevention, crisis management and early warning. The Center has branches in various countries, as well as a fruitful international activity. Our activity is based on programs financed by Romanian and foreign beneficiaries. CPC &EW benefits from a highly regarded research staff in the above mentioned areas, who work in different countries of interest of the Center

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Adriana Sauliuc